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Introducing 5 beautiful beaches in Thailand

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        Anyone looking for a place to go on vacation I want to take myself to the sea walk along the beach sleep listening to the sound of the waves Breathe in the fresh air. I can tell you that you don't have to fly far. Because in Thailand there are many beautiful beaches.

Today we have gathered beautiful beaches all over Thailand, clear waters, up to 5 beaches. Let's see which coordinates are worth checking in. Let's follow. And do not forget to find time to relax and collect all the beaches.

1. Samae San Island is a small island. It is located at the Thai Island and Sea Natural History Museum. in Samaesan Subdistrict, Chonburi Province. which is an island in the care of the Navy This is an eco-tourism destination. Overnight is not allowed on this island. We can chill out on a day trip. Of course, here is Luk Lom Beach, which is a very beautiful beach. and has a white sandy beach It's a paradise near Bangkok. at all

2. Pattaya Beach is known as the most beautiful beach. One on Koh Lipe ever. because here there is a white beach There are soft grains of sand. It stretches all the way from the beach to the cliff. suitable for relaxation Sit and watch the romantic sunset

3. Koh Kham, beautiful sea, clear water, the highlight of Koh Kham, besides the beautiful clear water and chilling activities, it is a wooden bridge at the entrance of the island. This corner can be called very chic and chill, taking beautiful photos from every angle. I repeat that every corner is really good for the heart. There are plenty of beautiful photos to go home. Travel to the beautiful beach near Bangkok.

4. Sairee Beach is the longest beach in Koh Tao. There is a white sand beach It stretches for a distance of more than 2 kilometers and the water level is not very high. can walk far Suitable for relaxing, playing in the water, here is a very good atmosphere, quiet and private. This makes it suitable for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to breathe in the good air. by the sea itself

5. Ao Yai is a beautiful beach with a length of 2.5 kilometers, fine white sand. Walking, it feels very soft and smooth. It's like getting a foot massage while walking on the beach. Along the beach there are bars, bungalows, budget accommodation. There are many to choose from. Let me tell you that anyone who likes the bustle must not miss coming to this bay. It's also a good spot for diving.

and this is a beautiful beach And it's very interesting to visit 5 places in Thailand in our country. who has been to where and have never been or want to go very much Feel free to comment and share beautiful photos, or if anyone has found a beautiful sea. You can tell us again. Because our country still has many beautiful places that we still have to pin ^^


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Introducing 5 beautiful beaches in Thailand